# CVE-2023-25157
This is a simple Python Script to Find the Latest GeoServer SQL Injection Vulnerability. You can use the Scripts on hosts to check for infected path.

# Installation:
1. git clone
2. cd CVE-2023-25157
3. chmod +x

Note: You should have all the files on same directory, in case you want to use the files from anywhere throughout your system, follow these steps:
1. Open and change with it's full path. (Eg- /root/CVE-2023-25157/
2. Do the same with
3. copy to /usr/bin.
Now you can access it from anywhere around your system! :D

./ /path/to/hosts/file/

If it finds the directory It'll Respong with "Directory Found" follwing with full URL.

Else It'll give output as "Directory Not Found"

Then It'll check for the specific keyword to verify if the URL really has GeoServer directory open or not. This process has been added to avoid false positives.
If found It'll give output in final_output.txt as "Keyword Found on"
If the keyword dosen't match, It'll give output as: "Keyword not Found on"

Hope you like this! This is my first every Github Project! 
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