Fantec MWiD25-DS

Writeup for CVE-2022-28113
by @code-byter


This is a writeup of exploiting the Fantec MWiD25-DS Travel Router (Firmware version: 2.000.030).
This vulnerability allows any unauthorized user to execute arbitrary commands as root user. A vulnerability in the
backup functionality (upload.csp) allows any user to write files and thus reset the user passwords without a valid
session cookie. Using these new credentials the attacker can log into the web interface and exploit a buffer overflow
vulnerability. The SSID parameter of the set wifi client functionality is vulnerable to a heap overflow and allows
the attacker to execute arbitrary terminal commands. The whole exploit is possible without any user input or
required reboot.

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CVSS 3.1 Base Score: 9.8

Affected file: ``/protocol.csp``

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The whole exploitation process is automated with a python script. To spawn a root shell run ````.

.. code:: python


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