# Fastest CVE-2024-4577 Exploitation Tool

## Description: PHP CGI Remote Code Execution

The CVE-2024-4577 Exploit Tool (``) is a Python script designed to exploit web servers' specific vulnerability (CVE-2024-4577). Based on the response content, it sends POST requests to a list of provided hosts to determine if they are vulnerable.

## Features

- Multi-threaded execution for faster testing across multiple hosts.
- Checks for CVE-2024-4577 vulnerability by sending POST requests with custom headers and data.
- Outputs results to the console and optionally to a specified output file.
- Provides a summary of requests sent, vulnerable hosts found, not vulnerable hosts, and errors encountered.

## Requirements

- Python 3.6 or higher
- `requests` library (`pip install requests`)
- `colorama` library for colored console output (`pip install colorama`)

## Usage

### Installation

1. Clone or download the repository to your local machine.

2. Install required dependencies using pip:
   sudo pip install requests colorama

## Onliner Installation:
git clone &&
cd CVE-2024-4577 &&
sudo chmod +x &&
sudo pip install requests colorama

## Command-line Arguments
python -l host.txt -o output.txt -w 150