# f5-waf-enforce-sigs-CVE-2021-44228
This enforces signatures for CVE-2021-44228 across all policies on a BIG-IP ASM device

# Overview

This script enforces all signatures present in the list below related to CVE-2021-44228 across all policies in blocking mode in the Adv. WAF/ASM.

sigs = ['200104768', '200104769', '200004450', '200004451','200004474','200104770','200104771']

This was tested on BIG-IP ASM/Adv.WAF v15.x but I expect this to work in v13/v14/v16 as well.

## Prerequisites

Python 3.7+

The host machine needs to have connection to the BIG-IP management interface.

# How to Use

usage: f5-waf-enforce-sig-CVE-2021-44228 device

positional arguments:
  device      File with IP adrresses of the target BIG-IP devices separated by line