# FortiGate cve-2024-21762-checker
This script is used to check for vulnerabilities in Fortigate SSL VPNs based on CVE-2024-21762. It uses Shodan to find vulnerable devices and test their vulnerability.

## Features
- Uses Shodan API to find Fortigate devices running SSL VPN on port 10443.
- Checks the vulnerability status of the devices.
- Flexible shodan queries
- Displays the result with additional information such as organization and country.

## Requirements
- Python 3.x
- Shodan API Key

## Installation
1. Clone this repository:
    git clone
    cd cve-2024-21762-checker

2. Install dependencies:
    pip install -r requirements.txt

3. Set Shodan API Key as an environment variable:

## Usage
Run the script with the following command:

## Example Output
``` | ABC Company | Indonesia | Vulnerable | XYZ Corporation | United States | Patched