# Lexmark-RCE

This is a modified version of a Lexmark RCE exploit. The revised version utilizes a bind shell instead of a reverse shell by starting a listener on the target and then connecting to it, using port 8080 by default. The exploit targets Lexmark CVE-2023-26067.

## Overview

Having encountered issues with callback setups using a reverse connection, this version addresses the challenge by incorporating a bind shell.

## Credits and Forked Repository

This repository is forked and modified from the original work available at [horizon3ai/CVE-2023-26067]( Special thanks to the creators for the heavy lifting.

## CVE Details

For detailed information on the CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) covered by this exploit, refer to the original repository: [CVE-2023-26067](

## How to Use

1. Clone this repository.
   git clone
1. Run the exploit.
   python3 -t <IP> -p <PORT>