# Argus Surveillance DVR 4.0 - Weak Password Encryption
## CVE-2022-25012
Updated version of this weak password encryption script

Exploit DB REF:

Author REF:


## Description:
The author had stated that they didnt make additional entries for special ASCII characters. 
I have updated this to include them and provide a password output to make it more user friendly
as well as it accepting arguements rather than needing to edit the script to place the password hash.

## Usage

`python3 <hash>`


`python3 E1B0BD8F4D7B73573F7EF539A935735753D190839083C165BD8FCA79418DB398F7DF`

## Generating our own proof of concept

We set a complex password in the argus DVR user screen


Using other avenues to gain access to the following file: `C:\ProgramData\PY_Software\Argus Surveillance DVR\DVRParams.ini`

We can see the entry for our user and corresponding password:


We can then run this hash as an arguement (as seen in the usage example)