Ansible role to scan target Linux hosts using the official Red Hat Log4j detector script RHSB-2021-009 for Log4Shell (CVE-2021-44228).

Tested with [Red Hat version 1.3 detector 2022-01-10](

Ansible Playbook

Code also available as Ansible Playbook [lucab85/log4j-cve-2021-44228](


ansible 2.9+

Role Variables

The default variable values - `defaults/main.yml`:

sh_detector: ""
sh_signature: ''
detector_baseurl: ''
detector_path: "/var/"
detector_dir: "/opt/cve-2021-44228/"
detector_run_dir: 'tmp'
detector_options: '-n -d --no-progress --scan {{ detector_path }}'
gpg_keyid: '7514F77D8366B0D9'
gpg_server: ""
clean_run_before: true
delete_after: true
verify_gpg: false

- `sh_detector`: the filename of the detector bash script file
- `sh_signature`: the filename of the detector GPG signature file
- `detector_baseurl`: the base URL to download the previous files
- `detector_path`: the path to inspect (default `/var/`)
- `detector_dir`: the download path of the detector (default `detector_dir` - `/opt/cve-2021-44228/`) Note: volume requires exec permission!
- `detector_run_dir`: the subdirectory to create before the run (default `tmp`)
- `detector_options`: the command lines options for detector script (default `-n -d --no-progress --scan {{ detector_path }}`)
- `gpg_keyid`: the GPG public key to download for the verification (default Red Hat Product Security `7514F77D8366B0D9`)
- `gpg_server`: the GPG server where to download the GPG public key (default ``)
- `clean_run_before`: remove the run directory and recreate before the execution - detector requires an empty directory (default `true`)
- `delete_after`: remove the _detector_dir_ after the execution (default `false`)
- `verify_gpg`: perform the GPG signature download and verification (default: `false`)




First download the latest version of Ansible role [lucab85.ansible_role_log4shell]( Ansible Galaxy:

ansible-galaxy install lucab85.ansible_role_log4shell


Example Playbook

This is an example of how to use the `lucab85.ansible_role_log4shell` role (with variables passed in as parameters):

- name: run detector
  hosts: all
  become: true
    - role: lucab85.ansible_role_log4shell
      detector_path: "/var/www"




## Author Information

This role was created in 2021 by [Luca Berton](, author of [Ansible Pilot](

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