# Nmap-spring4shell
Log4shell-nmap is an NSE script for detecting Spring4Shell RCE vulnerabilities (CVE-2022-22965) in HTTP services. The script injects the correct payload into the application and then executes the following command on the specified endpoint.

## Vulnerability
See [here](

## Usage
└─$ nmap --script=./spring4shell.nse
8080/tcp open  http-proxy syn-ack
| spring4shell: 
|   Spring4Shell - Spring Framework RCE via Data Binding on JDK 9+
|     State: VULNERABLE
|     IDs:  CVE:CVE-2022-22965
|     Check results:
|     Extra information:
|       TESTED URL:
|       COMMAND: id
|       ASSERTION: uid
|     References:

## Arguments
We can use several variables in the script. These are as follows:
- `endpoint` - relative url. On `` it will be `/search/videos`,
- `command` - command to be run on the server.  The default command is `id`,
- `assertion` - the checked string inside the server response. The default assertion is `uid`,
- `filename` - file name on the server. For more information see [here]( The default name is `shell`.

## Additional data
Tested on application from [here]( and [here](

## License
Same as Nmap. See