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<h4 align="center">Simple Python 3 script to detect the "Log4j" Java library vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228) for a list of URL with multithreading</h4>


It should be noted that this script only handles DNS detection of the vulnerability and does not test remote command execution.

The script "" developed in Python 3 is responsible for detecting whether a list of URLs are vulnerable to CVE-2021-44228.

To do so, it sends a GET request using threads (higher performance) to each of the URLs in the specified list. The GET request contains a payload that on success returns a DNS request to Burp Collaborator / interactsh. This payload is sent in a test parameter and in the "User-Agent" / "Referer" / "X-Forwarded-For" / "Authentication" headers.
Finally, if a host is vulnerable, an identification number will appear in the subdomain prefix of the Burp Collaborator / interactsh payload and in the output of the script, allowing to know which host has responded via DNS.

### Downloading


### Running

python3 <urlFile> <collaboratorPayload>