# CVE-2023-23397_EXPLOIT_0DAY
Exploit for the CVE-2023-23397
Credit to domchell

EML/MSG Checker for the exploit: 

    #!/usr/bin/env python3
    from extract_msg import AppointmentMeeting
    from ..helpers import Status
    from ..task import Task
    from import Report
    from .base import BaseWorker
    class OutlookMSG(BaseWorker):
    def analyse(self, task: Task, report: Report, manual_trigger: bool=False):
    if not task.file.msg_data or not isinstance(task.file.msg_data, AppointmentMeeting):
    report.status = Status.NOTAPPLICABLE
    self.logger.debug(f'analysing AppontmentMeeting in {task.file.path}...')
    if task.file.msg_data.reminderFileParameter is not None:
    report.status = Status.ALERT
    # suspicious for cve-2023-23397:
    report.add_details('CVE-2023-23397', f'A parameter used to exploit this vulnerability is present in the mail: "{task.file.msg_data.reminderFileParameter}"')

[Based on Pandora Framework](