# Dirty_Pipe_virus

Dirty Pipe is a kind of Linux exploit. Its CVE is CVE 2022-0847.

We use it to delete all files on your Ubuntu.

# Environment:

Ubuntu 20.04

Linux Kernel 5.8

This is the ova file of Ubuntu 20.04: [](

Password: ShaoLei0518

## Compiling the exploit
- An automated compiler bash script has been provided to you to automate the compilation of both exploits.
- In order to compile the exploit succesfully, you will need to have GCC installed.

sudo apt-get install gcc

- After installing GCC, you can run the '" script as follows:

chmod +x

# Disclaimer
I make this malware just want to show the CVE 2022-0847. Please don't use this to do something illegal.

If you do it, I'm not responsible for this. Thank you.

# Reference

Thank you for AlexisAhmed