# OpenSSH CVE-2024-6387 Vulnerability Scanner

**๐Ÿ”’ Overview:**

This Go program scans targets for CVE-2024-6387 in OpenSSH, categorizing servers by vulnerability status and port availability. It supports various target types including IP addresses, domain names, files with lists of targets, and CIDR notations. The tool checks if port 22 (default) is open on each target and retrieves the SSH banner to match against known vulnerable OpenSSH versions. Results are categorized into servers likely vulnerable, not vulnerable, or with port 22 closed. Detailed usage instructions and examples are provided for easy integration into security assessments and network monitoring workflows.

**๐Ÿš€ Usage:**

1. **Clone the repository:**
   git clone
   cd CVE-2024-6387

2. **Build the executable:**
   go build

3. **Prepare targets:**
   - Specify targets as IP addresses, domain names, file paths containing lists of targets, or CIDR network ranges.

4. **Run the scanner:**
   - Execute the program with specified options and targets:
     ./CVE-2024-6387 target1 target2 ...

   - Example with custom port and timeout:
     ./CVE-2024-6387 -port 2222 -timeout 2.5 target1

5. **Review results:**
   - View categorized results on the terminal:
     - Servers not vulnerable.
     - Servers likely vulnerable (with details of vulnerable versions).
     - Servers with port 22 closed.
     - Total scanned targets.

6. **File output:**
   - If servers are found vulnerable, their details are written to `exploitable.txt`.

**๐Ÿ› ๏ธ Contributing:**

- Contributions are welcome via pull requests.
- Fork the repository, create a new branch, and submit your enhancements.
- Report bugs or suggest improvements by creating Issues on GitHub.

**๐Ÿ“„ License:**

This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0 - see the [LICENSE]( file for details.