# PoC for CVE-2023-23333 (solarView-Compact)
This script checks if an IP address is vulnerable to CVE-2023-23333. It utilizes the `curl` command to execute a specific command on the target device and capture the output. If the IP address is vulnerable, it displays the output and saves the full output to a file.

## Prerequisites

- Python 3.x
- `curl` command-line tool

## Usage


When prompted, enter the IP address and port of the device in the format: The script will execute the command and display the vulnerability status. If the IP address is vulnerable, it will show the output.
The full output will be saved to a file named full-output.txt in the same directory.

## Disclaimer
This script is intended for educational and informational purposes only. It should only be used on systems where you have explicit permission to test for vulnerabilities. Unauthorized use of this script may violate laws and regulations.