# CVE-2022-39197-POC  


## Vulnerability Intro
According to the [Update Log]( of the latest version 4.7.1 officially released by CobaltStrike on 20 September, teamserver version(<=4.7) has XSS vulnerability, which can cause RCE.
> We were contacted by an independent researcher named "Beichendream" to inform us of an XSS vulnerability they found in the team's servers. This would allow an attacker to set a malformed username in the Beacon configuration, allowing them to execute code RCE remotely.


## POC Intro

At present, this POC can only implement teamserver bomb pictures.
The analysis of beacon still requires third-party tools (such as CobaltStrikeParser, etc.), but will be integrated in later versions


## Usage

For details, please turn to my [Chinese Blog](


Use [CobaltStrikeParser]( to analyse the beacon.
python3 beacon.exe --json
Concatenate `Port`, `C2Server` and `HttpPostUri` to get C2Server url, put the 'Public Key' into a txt file.
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
python3 -i -u -k key.txt


## Reference code