# Environment
## In Python Environment(3.10)
``` python3.10
# It's strongly recommended to use the virtual environment)

pip3 install baseproxy
# python3.10 will raise an AttributeError if the version of pyOpenSSL(downloaded with baseproxy) is too low. Reinstalling the latest version will fix it.
pip3 uninstall pyOpenSSL 
pip3 install pyOpenSSL

# run

## In Docker
``` bash
docker pull keithdockerhub/cve-2022-1040:latest # or build yourself
docker run -it -p 8788:8788  keithdockerhub/cve-2022-1040:latest
# How to use
1. Make sure your browser use the http proxy: 
2. Fill in username and password with literally any contents.(It doesn't matter)
3. Click login.

The principle is the same as the burpsuite. 
It sets up a https mitm(man in the middle) and change the http body in a specific post request then we can get access to the web admin of Sophos Firewall without authentication.   
<font size=3 color=red>***Please do not use it for illegal purposes.***</font>

# Reference