# Golang-CVE-2021-22205-POC
A bare bones CVE-2021-22205 Gitlab RCE POC written in Golang which affects Gitlab CE/EE < 13.10.3 Gitlab CE/EE < 13.9.6 Gitlab CE/EE < 13.8.8.

I've been wanting to learn Golang for a while. I decided to write a POC for CVE-2021-22205 in Golang to help familiarize myself with the language. Please disregard what I am assuming is horribly written code.

Usage: ```go run CVE-2021-22205.go -t -c "echo pizza > /tmp/pizza.txt"```
Where the t flag specifies the target Gitlab instance and the c flag is the command you want to run.

The script is setup to use http://localhost:9090 as a proxy. You'll need to delete that, if you don't want to use a proxy.

A vulnerable docker setup can be found here:

CVE Finder Writeup: