# Exploit Title: ICE Hrm 29.0.0.OS - 'Account Takeover' Cross-Site Scripting and Session Fixation
# Exploit Author: *Piyush Patil *& Rafal Lykowski
# Vendor Homepage:
# Version: 29.0.0.OS
# Tested on: Windows 10 and Kali

ICE Hrm Version 29.0.0.OS is vulnerable to session fixation and reflected cross site scripting leading to full account takeover.

#Steps to reproduce the attack:
1-Open 2 different browsers (or one with 2 windows - one of them opened in incognito mode)
2-Log in to the system, 
3-Paste this payload into the address bar and load it:
It simulates victim executing XSS.
4-In the incognito window do not log in but just modify session cookie value to 12345.
5-Navigate to any application url - you will realize that you are authorized. It means that your account was taken over.

#Video POC: