# CVE-2022-33891 PoC
PoC for CVE-2022-33891, with ability to set custom payloads. 

Not vulnerable by default; vulnerable when:
./spark-submit --conf spark.acls.enable=TRUE ____

## Intended Use
Usage of this script is limited to personnel who are authorised to run the payload on the target hosts for vulnerability patching purposes only. Prior to running this script, ensure you are authorised.

## Usage

git clone

## Getting Started
This POC expects to receive all targets in a CSV file titled --> **allTargets.csv** with one column titled --> **targets**, containing all the targets that need to be scanned ex., or The / will be added by the script.

Enter the payload to be executed on the target in the **POC.conf** file. 
Your host in    --> **yourHostHere**
Your payload in --> **yourPayloadHere**

Made for research purposes.

## Identify
## Detection Splunk Query
index=web sourcetype IN (nginx, waf_logs) url=*/?doAs*
| eval decodedIndicators=urldecode(url)
| table _time src_ip dest status request url decodedIndicators

## Patching & References

[Apache Advisory](