# CVE-2021-38314

## What is the vulnerability?

The Gutenberg Template Library & Redux Framework plugin <= 4.2.11 for WordPress registered several AJAX actions available to unauthenticated users in the includes function in redux-core/class-redux-core.php that were unique to a given site but deterministic and predictable given that they were based on an md5 hash of the site URL with a known salt value of ‘-redux’ and an md5 hash of the previous hash with a known salt value of ‘-support’.

## How to install

Is easy to install, you only need clone the repository:

git clone

## How to use

You can use a single target or a file with a list, for exemple:

- Single target:

python3 --url

- List of targets:

python3 --list targets.txt

### Note

At momment the script don't valid a SSL cert, in the future i will fix that.