# Vulnerability details
1. fofa:`title="BIG-IP®- Redirect"`; shodan: `title:"BIG-IP®- Redirect"`
2. Affected versions:
# Vulnerability recurrence
1. At this time, the user here is only `admin`:

2. Execute the script:
git clone
cd CVE-2023-46747-RCE
pip install -r requirements.txt
python -u
# python -u -p
Successfully executed command:  

3. A new user was successfully created without authorization here:

# Q & A  
1. Q: Token acquisition failed?  
   A: It cannot be said that there must be no vulnerability in the test site, because creating a user without authorization is not 100% successful. Sometimes you do not create a user in the first step due to some reasons, so the token in the second step cannot be obtained. Therefore, my suggestion is to try a few more times. If it does not work, it may mean that there is indeed no vulnerability.  
# Digression
You can use this script to collect F5 BIG-IP version information. It's great!  
# Reference