# CVE-2024-6387 PoC

This Bash script is designed to check if a server is running a vulnerable version of OpenSSH based on its SSH banner. It verifies if the SSH port is open and examines the banner response to determine if it matches any known vulnerable versions.

## Usage

1. Clone the Repo
git clone
cd CVE-2024-6387_PoC

2. Run the script
``` <ip> [<ip> ...] [--port=<port>] [--timeout=<timeout>] [--file=<filename>]

### Output

- If the server is vulnerable, the script will print <ip>:<port> vulnerable (running SSH version).
- If the server is not vulnerable, it will print <ip>:<port> not vulnerable (running SSH version).
- If the SSH port is closed, it will print <ip>:<port> closed.