# CVE-2022-42889-MASS-RCE (another LOG4SHELL)
Mass exploitation tool for CVE-2022-42889 (Apache Commons Text RCE) supports list of ips

This script is compitable with list of ips and multi threading functionality.
The cvss: 9.8/10 critical
The vulnerability not need any user interaction or authentication to trigger
A very problematic cve after log4shell, affects tons of internet facing instance
We already include a list of ips which are mostly vulnerable inside this download
With all necessary infos inside info.pdf
You can get it from here: [https://satoshidisk(.)com/pay/CGgY0N](

# details:
Apache Commons Text performs variable interpolation, allowing properties to be dynamically evaluated and expanded. 
The standard format for interpolation is "${prefix:name}", where "prefix" is used to locate an instance of org.apache.commons.text.lookup.StringLookup that performs the interpolation. 
Starting with version 1.5 and continuing through 1.9, the set of default Lookup instances included interpolators that could result in arbitrary code execution or contact with remote servers.