# Original Project


# CVE-2022-36804-PoC-Exploit
A somewhat reliable PoC exploit for CVE-2022-36804 (BitBucket Critical Command Injection). This attack generally requires public repos to be enabled, however session cookies are also compatible with this exploit. Note: this exploit includes automatic repo detection which is handy if you don't want to manually find open repos yourself.

## How To Install
git clone;
cd CVE-2022-36804-ReverseShell
python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt
python3 --server [target]
## dork
http.favicon.hash:667017222 http.title:Public

1. Change the API key in
2. Run to grab results (You can change the query in the file)
3. Run to check if BitBucket Instances are vulnerable to Critical Command Injection

## How To Use
usage: [-h] [--server SERVER] [--project PROJECT] [--repo REPO] [--skip-auto]
               [--session SESSION] [--command CMD] [--file FILE] [--output OUTPUT]
               [--lhost LHOST] [--lport LPORT] [--threads THREADS]

Exploit BitBucket Instances (< v8.3.1) using CVE-2022-36804. Exploits automagically
without any extra parameters, but allows for custom settings as well.

  -h, --help         show this help message and exit
  --server SERVER    Host to attack
  --project PROJECT  The name of the project the repository resides in
  --repo REPO        The name of the repository
  --skip-auto        Skip the automatic finding of exploitable repos
  --session SESSION  Value of 'BITBUCKETSESSIONID' cookie, useful if target repo is
  --command CMD      Command to execute if exploit is successful (Note: getting output
                     isn't reliable so OOB exfil is a must)
  --file FILE        File to scan bulk hosts
  --output OUTPUT    Output file for the session
  --lhost LHOST      Your Local Host for reverse shell
  --lport LPORT      Your Local Port for reverse shell
  --threads THREADS  Threads for mass exploitation

##Zoomeye Dorks
app:"Bitbucket" +banner:"repos?visibility=public"

app:"Bitbucket" +title:"public"



## References
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