[+] Credits: John Page (aka hyp3rlinx)   
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[+] ISR: ApparitionSec  
[+] Zero Day Initiative Program   
Microsoft Word 2016  
[Vulnerability Type]  
Deceptive File Reference  
[Security Issue]  
When a MS Word ".docx" File contains a hyperlink to another file, it will run the first file it finds in that directory with a  
valid extension. But will present to the end user an extension-less file in its Security warning dialog box without showing the extension type.  
If another "empty" file of the same name as the target executable exists but has no file extension. Because the extension is supressed it  
makes the file seem harmless and the file can be masked to appear as just a folder etc.  
This can potentially trick user into running unexpected code, but will only work when you have an additional file of same name with  
NO extension on it.  
1) Create a directory "PoC"  
2) Create a folder in PoC directory named "Downloads Folder"  
3) Create a .BAT file named "Downloads Folder.bat"  
in the .BAT create some command like "start calc.exe"  
4) Create an empty file named "Downloads Folder" with no file extension  
5) Create the Word ".docx" file with a hyperlink pointing to "PoC/Downloads Folder/Downloads Folder"  
Upon opening the link Word will give user an vague dialog box about asking if they want to open  
the file. However, the prompt shows an apparent folder structure and no file extension .exe, .com etc  
are visible or displayed to the end user.  
Click the link to open what looks to be a folder then BOOM! the .BAT file runs instead.  
Of course any exeuctable will do .EXE etc.  
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[Disclosure Timeline]  
Notification: Trend Micro Zero Day Initiative Program : 2019-01-25  
Case officially contracted to ZDI : 2019-02-06  
Vendor Disclosure : 2019-02-15  
submitted to the vendor as ZDI-CAN-7949.  
ZDI Response : "We have synced with the vendor and they have resolved that this case  
does not meet the bar for security servicing. Therefore we will proceed to close it on our end."  
2019-06-14 : Public Disclosure  
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