# Exploit Title: GigToDo - Freelance Marketplace Script v1.3 Persistent XSS Injection  
# Google Dork: -  
# Date: 2019/07/28  
# Author: m0ze  
# Vendor Homepage:  
# Software Link:  
# Version: <= 1.3  
# Tested on: NginX/1.15.10  
# CVE: -  
# CWE: CWE-79  
Details & Description:  
The «GigToDo - Freelance Marketplace Script» web-application is vulnerable  
to reflected and persistent XSS injections that allows an attacker to  
inject JavaScript/HTML code into the front-end, redirect visitor to another  
website or steal admin cookies.  
PoC [Persistent XSS Injection]:  
Register a new account, log in and go to the page. Vulnerable text area  
is «Proposal's Description», so paste your payload inside, fill in other  
fields and save the data TWICE or your payload WILL NOT WORK. So literally  
paste your payload inside the «Proposal's Description» text area and scroll  
down to «Update Proposal» button, press it and your data will be saved.  
After that u'll be redirected to page. Select your created  
proposal and press green square dropdown menu on the right («Actions»  
column) and click on «Edit» link. After that just don't change anything,  
scroll down to «Update Proposal» button, press it and your data will be  
saved ONE MORE TIME. That's it, now your payload will work.  
Example #1: <h1  
onmouseover=';alert(`m0ze`);'>m0ze</h1>1"--><svg/onload=';alert(`Script is  
fully protected from SQL Injection and XSS ©`);'><img src='x'  
onerror=';alert(`For sure lol`);'>  
Example #2: <h1 onmouseover=';alert(`Greetz from