# Exploit Title: AUO SunVeillance Monitoring System 1.1.9e - Incorrect Access Control  
# Date: 2019-10-24  
# Exploit Author: Luca.Chiou  
# Vendor Homepage:  
# Version: AUO SunVeillance Monitoring System all versions prior to v1.1.9e  
# Tested on: It is a proprietary devices:  
# CVE: N/A  
# 1. Description:  
# An issue was discovered in AUO SunVeillance Monitoring System.  
# There is an incorrect access control vulnerability that can allow the attacker to   
# bypass the authentication mechanism, and upload files to the server without any authentication.  
# 2. Proof of Concept:  
(1) Access the picture management page of AUO SunVeillance Monitoring System (/Solar_Web_Portal/Picture_Manage_mvc.aspx) without   
any authentication. As a guest role, user is not allowed to upload a picture. However, there are two parameters, Act and authority, in Picture_Manage_mvc.aspx.  
(2) Modify the value of parameter authority from 40 to 100. You can find out the upload button is enabled.  
(3) Now you can upload a file successfully.  
(4) The file which we uploaded is storing in server side. Itโ€™s means any user without authentication can upload files to server side.  
Thank you for your kind assistance.