AVE DOMINAplus <=1.10.x Authentication Bypass Exploit  
Vendor: AVE S.p.A.  
Product web page: |  
Affected version: Web Server Code 53AB-WBS - 1.10.62  
Touch Screen Code TS01 - 1.0.65  
Touch Screen Code TS03x-V | TS04X-V - 1.10.45a  
Touch Screen Code TS05 - 1.10.36  
Models: 53AB-WBS  
App version: 1.10.77  
App version: 1.10.65  
App version: 1.10.64  
App version: 1.10.62  
App version: 1.10.60  
App version: 1.10.52  
App version: 1.10.52A  
App version: 1.10.49  
App version: 1.10.46  
App version: 1.10.45  
App version: 1.10.44  
App version: 1.10.35  
App version: 1.10.25  
App version: 1.10.22  
App version: 1.10.11  
App version: 1.8.4  
App version: TS1-1.0.65  
App version: TS1-1.0.62  
App version: TS1-1.0.44  
App version: TS1-1.0.10  
App version: TS1-1.0.9  
Summary: DOMINAplus - Sistema Domotica Avanzato. Advanced Home Automation System.  
Designed to revolutionize your concept of living. DOMINA plus is the AVE home  
automation proposal that makes houses safer, more welcoming and optimized. In  
fact, our home automation system introduces cutting-edge technologies, designed  
to improve people's lifestyle. DOMINA plus increases comfort, the level of safety  
and security and offers advanced supervision tools in order to learn how to  
evaluate and reduce consumption through various solutions dedicated to energy  
Desc: DOMINAplus suffers from an authentication bypass vulnerability due to missing  
control check when directly calling the autologin GET parameter in changeparams.php  
script. Setting the autologin value to 1 allows an unauthenticated attacker to  
permanently disable the authentication security control and access the management  
interface with admin privileges without providing credentials.  
Tested on: GNU/Linux 4.1.19-armv7-x7  
GNU/Linux 3.8.13-bone50/bone71.1/bone86  
Apache/2.4.7 (Ubuntu)  
Apache/2.2.22 (Debian)  
Vulnerability discovered by Gjoko 'LiquidWorm' Krstic  
Advisory ID: ZSL-2019-5549  
Advisory URL:  
# Mina... Mina, open your eyes!  
$ curl -s