# Directory Traversal in Creative Contact Form  
## Overview  
* Identifier: AIT-SA-20200301-01  
* Target: Creative Contact Form (for Joomla)  
* Vendor: Creative Solutions  
* Version: 4.6.2 (before Dec 03 2019)  
* CVE: CVE-2020-9364  
* Accessibility: Remote  
* Severity: Critical  
* Author: Wolfgang Hotwagner (AIT Austrian Institute of Technology)  
## Summary  
[Creative Contact Form]( is a responsive jQuery contact form for the Joomla content-management-system.   
## Vulnerability Description  
A directory traversal vulnerability resides inside the mailer component of the Creative Contact Form for Joomla. An attacker could exploit this vulnerability to receive any files from the server via e-mail.  
The vulnerable code is located in "helpers/mailer.php" at line 290:  
if(isset($_POST['creativecontactform_upload'])) {  
if(is_array($_POST['creativecontactform_upload'])) {  
foreach($_POST['creativecontactform_upload'] as $file) {  
// echo $file.'--';  
$file_path = JPATH_BASE . '/components/com_creativecontactform/views/creativeupload/files/'.$file;  
$attach_files[] = $file_path;  
If an attacker puts "../../../../../../../../etc/passwd" into $_POST['creativecontactform_upload'], and enables "Send me a copy", the contact-form would send him the content of /etc/passwd via email.  
_Note: this vulnerability might not be exploitable in the free version of Creative Contact Form since it does not allow "Send copy to sender"._  
## Vulnerable Versions  
Creative Contact Form Personal/Professional/Business 4.6.2 (before Dec 3 2019)  
## Impact  
An unauthenticated attacker could receive any file from the server  
## Mitigation  
Update to the current version  
## References:  
## Vendor Contact Timeline  
* `2019-12-02` Contacting the vendor  
* `2019-12-02` Vendor published a fixed version  
* `2019-03-01` Public disclosure  
## Advisory URL