[+] Title: AtMail WebMail Open Redirect Vulnerability  
[+] Date: 2020/03/11  
[+] Author: Lutfu Mert Ceylan  
[+] Vendor Homepage:  
[+] Software: Atmail Cloud Hosted Email  
[+] Tested on: Windows 10  
[+] Versions: 4.61 and before  
[+] Vulnerable Parameter: "redirect" (Get Method)  
[+] Vulnerable File: /atmail/  
[+} Dork : inurl:/atmail/ or /mail/  
# Notes:  
An open redirect is a vulnerability that occurs when an application  
that takes a parameter and redirects a user to the parameter value  
without any validation. This vulnerability is used for phishing  
attacks for redirecting users to visit malicious sites without against  
their will.  
# PoC:  
Example Open Redirect Payload: http://localhost/atmail/