# Exploit Title: Verint Impact 360 onLogin open redirect  
# Date: 7-13-2020  
# Exploit Author: Ryan Delaney  
# Author Contact:  
# Author LinkedIn:  
# Vendor Homepage:  
# Software Link:  
# Version: Impact 360 v15.1  
# Tested on: Impact 360 v15.1  
# CVE: CVE-2019-12783  
1. Description  
An issue was discovered in Verint Impact 360 15.1. At wfo/control/signin,  
the rd parameter can accept a URL, to which users will be redirected after  
a successful login. In combination with CVE-2019-12784, this may allow  
attackers to compromise credentials via bruteforce even if the site is not  
accessible to the attacker due to firewall rules or network configuration.  
2. Mitigation  
Create firewall rules that drop outbound traffic to unknown hosts with a  
referrer of the Impact 360 system.  
Request a patch from Verint. Verint has not patched this vulnerability to  
my knowledge, despite having been made aware of it over a year ago.  
3. PoC  
Withheld due to possible legal threat.  
4. Timeline  
Discovered: 6-7-2019  
CVE assigned: 6-10-2019  
First contact: 6-14-2019 (no response)  
Follow-up 1: 6-25-2019  
Reply received: 7-9-2019 (stating that the responsible disclosure line  
was for the community edition and report would be forwarded to enterprise)  
Follow-up 2: 7-16-2019  
Reply received: 7-19-2019 (cc'ing another individual and asking them to  
follow up with me)  
Follow-up 3: 8-30-2019 (no response)  
Follow-up 4: 9-4-2019 (no response)  
Follow-up 5: 9-11-2019 (no response)  
Follow-up 6: 1-6-2020 (notification of intent to disclose in 90 days, no  
Follow-up 7: 3-5-2020 (notification of intent to disclose in 30 days)  
Reply received: 3-6-2020 (requesting addition delay for disclosure)  
Follow-up 8: 3-27-2020 (no response)  
Follow-up 9: 5-18-2020 (no response)  
Follow-up 10: 6-25-2020 (notification of intent to disclose, requesting  
confirmation that legal action will not be pursued, no response)  
Published: 7-13-2020 (260 business days after initial report)