# Exploit Title: Persistent XSS in SSID  
# Date: 10/24/2020  
# Exploit Author: Amal Mohandas  
# Vendor Homepage:  
# Version: Platinum-4410 Software version - P4410-V2-1.28  
# Tested on: Windows 10  
Vulnerability Details  
Genexis Platinum-4410 Home Gateway Router is vulnerable to stored XSS  
in the SSID parameter. This could allow attackers to perform malicious  
action in which the XSS popup will affect all privileged users.  
How to reproduce  
1. Login to the firmware as any user  
2. Navigate to Net tab--> WLAN  
3. Enter below mentioned payload in "SSID" text box  
4. Click on the "OK" button.  
5. Relogin as any user and again navigate to Net tab--> WLAN  
6. Observe the XSS popup showing persistent XSS