Title: Authenticated blind SQL injection (SQLi)  
Product: OpenAsset Digital Asset Management by OpenAsset  
Vendor Homepage:  
Vulnerable Version: 12.0.19 (Cloud) 11.2.1 (On-premise)  
Fixed Version: 12.0.23 (Cloud) 11.4.10 (On-premise)  
CVE Number: CVE-2020-28860  
Author: Jack Misiura from The Missing Link   
2020-11-14 Disclosed to Vendor  
2020-12-04 Vendor releases final patches  
2020-12-10 Publication  
1. Vulnerability Description  
The OpenAsset Digital Asset Management application was vulnerable to a blind SQL injection, through the /AJAXPage/SearchResults endpoint, via the "currentSearchItems" parameter.  
2. PoC  
The following requests will result in > 10 second delay in the response, due to the introduction of the SLEEP(10) command into the SQL query:    
3. Solution  
The vendor provides an updated version (11.4.10) which should be installed immediately. If using the cloud version, the vendor has already updated it.  
4. Advisory URL