# Exploit Title: Newgen Correspondence Management System (corms) eGov 12.0 - IDOR  
# Date: 29 Dec 2020  
# Exploit Author: ALI AL SINAN  
# Vendor Homepage:  
# Software Link:  
# Version: eGov 12.0  
# Tested on: JBoss EAP 7  
# CVE : CVE-2020-35737  
Correspondence management is the process of handling official incoming and outgoing correspondence in government agencies. The word “correspondence” in this context refers to physical letters, direct e-delivery, emails and faxes along with all their attachments that are received by the government agencies.  
Affected URL:  
Vulnerability Description:  
user can manipulate parameter “UserIndex” in personal setting page. this parameter can allow un-authorized access to view or change other user's personal information.