mutt: mutt_decode_uuencoded() can read the past the of the input line  
In mutt_decode_uuencoded(), the line length is read from the untrusted uuencoded part without validation. This could result in including private memory in replys, for example fragments of other messages, passphrases or keys.  
Reproduce with the following mbox, note that these are literal 0x9f bytes. This should show some uninitialized garbage in the message.  
From taviso Thu Mar 31 16:53:55 2022  
From: taviso  
Subject: mutt_decode_uuencoded test  
Content-Disposition: inline  
Content-Transfer-Encoding: x-uuencode  
Content-Type: text/plain  
begin 644 test  
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Related CVE Numbers: CVE-2022-1328.  
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