# Exploit Title: AD Manager Plus 7122 - Remote Code Execution (RCE)  
# Exploit Author: Chan Nyein Wai & Thura Moe Myint  
# Vendor Homepage:  
# Software Link:  
# Version: Ad Manager Plus Before 7122  
# Tested on: Windows  
# CVE : CVE-2021-44228  
# Github Repo:  
### Description  
In the summer of 2022, I have been doing security engagement on Synack  
Red Team in the collaboration with my good friend (Thura Moe Myint).  
At that time, Log4j was already widespread on the internet. Manage  
Engine had already patched the Ad Manager Plus to prevent it from  
being affected by the Log4j vulnerability. They had mentioned that  
Log4j was not affected by Ad Manager Plus. However, we determined that  
the Ad Manager Plus was running on our target and managed to exploit  
the Log4j vulnerability.  
### Exploitation  
First, Letโ€™s make a login request using proxy.  
Inject the following payload in the ```methodToCall``` parameter in  
the `````` request.  
Then you will get the dns callback with username in your burp collabrator.  
### Notes  
When we initially reported this vulnerability to Synack, we only  
managed to get a DNS callback and our report was marked as LDAP  
injection. However, we attempted to gain full RCE on the host but were  
not successful. Later, we discovered that Ad Manager Plus was running  
on another target, so we tried to get full RCE on that target. We  
realized that there was a firewall and an anti-virus running on the  
machine, so most of our payloads wouldn't work. After spending a  
considerable amount of time , we eventually managed to bypass the  
firewall and anti-virus, and achieve full RCE.  
### Conclusion  
We had already informed Zoho about the log4j vulnerability, and even  
after it was fixed, they decided to reward us with a bonus bounty for  
our report.  
### Mitigation  
Updating to a version of Ad Manager Plus higher than 7122 should  
resolve the issue.